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Xả khí VC
  • Xả khí VC

  • Giá: Liên hệ
  • Mã sản phẩm: VC

Automatic Air Vents

Air vents to remove air from pipelines carrying liquids.


• Max. Operating Pressure: 0.5/0.6/1.0 MPaG
• Min. Operating Pressure: 0.05/0.1 MPaG
• Max. Operating Temperature: 90°C
• Body: Bronze or Cast Iron

Benefits and Features

Automated Air Venting During Operation

Air entering the automatic air vent is rapidly discharged, even during water or liquid transport or during operation.

The float responds with great sensitivity to condensate levels, automatically opening and closing the valve and thereby eliminating the need for manual labor.

Long Service Life

The float is the only moving part. Simple design, with no hinges or levers.

Tight Sealing

The grounded float and rubber valve seat prevent leakage (VC series).

The precision-grounded float and 3-point seating prevent leakage (VS1C series).

Automatic Air Vents Animation

Application Areas

For use in applications requiring the steady discharge of air – both initial air and air generated during operation.

For applications requiring the discharge of large quantities of initial air, also install a rapid initial air vent.


Main Applications

Air conditioning facilities, solar systems, water transport lines, water storage tanks.

Transport of and facilities using other fluids.

Water, hot water – VC series

Water, hot water, other liquid other than toxic or flamable – VS1C series



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