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  • Giá: Liên hệ
  • Mã sản phẩm: P46S

• Max. Operating Pressure: 4.6 MPaG
• Max. Operating Temperature: 425℃
• Air-jacketed Pressure Chamber
• Body: Cast Stainless Steel

Benefits and Features

From Low Pressures to Super-high Pressures (26 MPa)

Only at TLV has a line of thermodynamic (disc) steam traps been developed that offers traps to cover the complete range of pressures used in the industrial world.

Energy Conservation

Disc steam trap operation may suffer if the trap is exposed to cold air and rain, so to prevent wasteful leakage of steam TLV has developed an air-jacketed pressure chamber model, and for even greater insulation, a steam-jacketed pressure chamber model. The high-precision machined disc valve and valve seat offer excellent sealing properties, preventing wasteful discharge of steam.

Improved Productivity (Bimetal Type Automatic Air Venting Feature)

Productivity is impaired if the large amounts of cold condensate and air inside the system are not discharged as soon as the equipment is started up. With the exception of models P21S, HR150A and HR260A, all models have an integral bimetal type automatic air venting feature. The valve is fully open when temperatures are low, allowing for the rapid discharge of cold condensate and air.

Easy Maintenance

With the exception of model P21S, the valve and valve seat of all models are a single, modular unit, allowing for easy and economical maintenance when replacement is necessary due to wear, etc. For model FP46UC, both the module valve seat and the entire trap can be replaced inline.

Disc Type Steam Traps Animation

Application Areas

Steam main lines, heat exchangers, jacketed kettles, room heating, tracers, coils, etc.

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